A River Goyt barbel

A River Goyt barbel

Having fished prolifically when a young lad my head was turned by other activities when I was about 15.  I didn’t fish again until the age of 41 when my wife suggested I take up a hobby.  By that time I’d moved to Manchester from Bristol via London (14 years).

Whilst trawling the internet for likely venues I came across a forum that suggested the river Goyt might be a good place to have a dabble.  The rest, as they say, is history.  I met a couple of lads on the river and, being free with advice, reckoned I should have a go for barbel.

I’ve since had my pb of 13lb from this beautiful little river (Feb 2009) and met some brilliant people, many of whom have become good friends.  Wanting to branch out a bit, I purchased a Birmingham (BAA) card and have fished the Teme and Severn a few times, with some success.  Now a holder of the Burton Mutual card (BMAA) I plan to have a few sessions on the Dove over the coming months.  It’s a charming little river, full of features, and holds some veritable monsters.

I work as a business intelligence manager/developer and live in South Manchester with my wife, Angie, and two daughters, Lily and Ava.

My other interests include Soo Bahk Do (a Korean form of karate), running, reading and this blog (more recently).

Please leave a comment, if you feel inclined to do so…….


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