First fish from new swim

Well, not exactly a new swim.  I’ve probably fished it four or five times over the years but no barbel have fallen to my rod until last week.  I’m still using the Hinders elips pellets; using a small knife to create a flat section on two pellets, then glueing them together.  Seems to work!

I managed an after-work session, leaving the house at around 5pm.  Unfortunately, I then had to negotiate the rush hour traffic on the M60, thus slowing my progress and adding 30 minutes to the journey.  Arriving at the river, I found all my favourite swims taken – not something I’d experienced before.  Bloody social media!  I got back in the car and drove over the road to the free stretch and, lo and behold, not a soul to be seen.  Do people really think there

5lb 4oz

5lb 4oz

are more barbel in one stretch because one has to pay for the privilege?  In this case, there definitely isn’t, particularly as there’s no weir or any kind of barrier between the two.

For a three hour session it was fairly productive, at least as far as bites were concerned.  The result; three chub and a barbel.  Luckily for me, I took the brolley.

Now, I’m not finding many opportunities to get to the/a river this season and so I sincerely hope to put this right before the end of 2015.  Having two young daughters can be severely limiting fishing-wise, even if parenthood brings other pleasures – and I really wouldn’t have it any other way.  My point being that I hope my blog doesn’t get too boring, with inactivity.  Perhaps I should broaden the perspective into other facets of barbel angling?


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