Late July on the Rivers Dove and Goyt

The best laid plans of mice and men……..

Well, the bait didn’t turn up for my assault (for wont of a better word) on the Dove last week.  I emailed the supplier, Darren, who said he’d been away and would deal with my order this weekend.  Hardly ideal, based on the fact that I’m at now at home.  I do, however, have a BCC fish-in this weekend (also on the Dove) so the boilies will be put to good use after all.

As a result of the non-delivered bait I was forced to rely on my few remaining elips pellets, or some pellets I procured from AC baits.  I’m yet to catch on the latter, after a few sessions, thus my confidence cannot be said to be sky-high.  I’ll persevere, however, as they’re reputed to be from the same recipe as the old T7 elips.  Sorry to keep harking on about bait; it’s true to say that I relied rather too heavily on the elips.  My old pal, Bill Jackson, has no such qualms about changing baits, and seems to do rather well, be it pellets, boilies, meat, worms or prawns.  And I’ve always been so open-minded.  Why not with bait, I wonder?Dove 011

My day on the Dove was pretty unspectacular in the main, though I bagged a fish at 9pm, which brought a smile to my face.  It put up a good account for itself too, so I had (naturally) all sorts of ideas about it being a whopper.

I saw another couple of anglers later in the BMAA car park and they’d not had a touch, so I guess my single should be seen as a success.  Of course it should!

The following day was spent on the River Goyt, legering luncheon meat in fast(ish) water.  Three chub were my reward.


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