And it doesn’t get any better

It’s gotta be said that my start to the season has been absolutely woeful. Admittedly, I’ve only had four sessions, but really, only one barbel. It’s a poor excuse, even if it’s gaining credence, but the river levels hav3 been incredibly low, and the water for the most part g8n clear. Against that, however, is that my good friend Bill Jackson has had a few, and other rivers ars are also producing sporadically. Ah, plenty of rain before today – though I doubt it will make a dent (or, more accurately) an upward deviation not the Environment Agency’s localised graph.

The good news is that I’m off to the Dove on Thursday, for two days.

Now, with the sad demise of the elips pellet (of which I was a huge fan) and now I’m coming to the very last few grams of my stock, I’m wondering what to use.  I have a couple of bags of other pellets, using the same recipe as the TemeSevern favourites, however they’re very hit and miss when it comes to using superglue. Andy Clitheroe baits Other than that I’m looking at boilies, with a few loose fed smaller pellets as an attractor.  A few of my angling buddies are part of The Hookbait Company testers.  Consequently, I had a chat (via Facebook) with Darren McCann and he kindly suggested one of his flavours.  I’ll keep it to myself for now, as I want to try it first. The next instalment will be along at the weekend, hopefully after a successful couple of days on the Staffs/Derbys border.


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