Inauspicious Start


Perfect swim?

Hmmm – well – three sessions in and, I’ve got to admit, not having the best start to a season.  As I wrote in my previous post, the first was ok.  Since then, however, it’s gone rapidly down hill.  Two sessions on the Dove have come and gone, with only a decent chub (4lb 10oz) as a reward for my endeavour.  And on the way home, on both occasion, I’ve managed a couple of hours on the Goyt.  Only a solitary brownie, during the later trip, has graced my net.

There are all kinds of excuses that could trip off the tongue but, and I hate to say this, I’m beginning to doubt my ability to spot a good summer swim.  In reality, I’ve had good fish from the same swims before so perhaps I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.  Perhaps it is the conditions, after all (one of my possible excuses).  I know the Ribble is fishing its head off, so perhaps big rivers don’t suffer so much when conditions are dry and warm for an extended period?  That seems like a reasonable proposition; after all both the Goyt and Dove can be classed as small.

What else am I doing wrong?  One thing’s for sure, as I’m fishing mostly in daylight I really need to maximise my chances of a fish – any fish – and the Dove is notorious for being favourable to the overnight angler.  This last fact is

Best chub this season - so far

4lb 10oz

totally anecdotal, however, and I’ve caught my fair share of fish during the day so maybe it’s just another in the list of convenient excuses!  So, how to catch more fish, I ask myself.  I’m gently and very slowly arriving at the opinion that I should take a float rod as a second rod and not bother with the spare barbel rod, which seldom gets used.  Certainly not so far this season.  Together with the rod, a couple of stick floats, smaller hooks and a few slices of white bread.  By my reasoning, even if the barbel are not having it, the chub, roach, dace, etc, etc might well be.  There, decision made.

And with that in mind, I need a new centrepin for trotting – to replace the Ikonix.  It’s a nice enough reel, with smooth bearings.  Does the job pretty well.  But I can’t stand the copper-like colour.  Sometimes it really has to be ‘form over function’.


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