Mid Closed Season

Hmmm, well we’re just over halfway through the closed season and I’m positively chomping at the bit! Having had a bit of warm weather recently has really had me thinking about where to fish during my first session of the 2015/16 season. The choices are as follows: The Goyt or the Dove. Having said that, I’m yet to renew my tickets on either. For the Goyt it’s the Stockport Federation of Anglers; and for the Dove I fish the stretches controlled by The Burton Mutual Angling Association. Being in Manchester the Goyt is the closest. As well as the river, I’ve also been umming and arghhing about which stretch to fish, particularly if I start on the Goyt (which is likely).

And what bait to use? With the disappearance, recently, of the elips pellet – they’re no longer manufactured, apparently – I have to say that a hemp and boilie approach might be the way forward, for the coming season at least. Once I find a good source of cheap(ish) hemp, I’ll post it on here.


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