Two personal bests

Although, as stated earlier, that I’ve been more than a little remiss at keeping this blog up to date, I should add that it’s been a pretty good season  so far, even if that elusive Dove double still evades me.  For the record, and I can happily report, I’ve beaten my pb with two different species so far this season (not that there’s much left of this one):

Firstly, I’ve increased my personal best chub twice this season.  Initially with a fish of 5lb 6oz from the Dove, at the beginning of the season, the subsequently with a fish of 6lb 3oz (also from the Dove) in late October.  I travelled down to Marston-On-Dove early and arrived at approximately 6am.  It was a perfect day for barbel; overcast and the river had a little colour to it.  My first port of call was to a peg just below the weir downstream of the road bridge.  With no sign of fish there I quickly hot-footed it upstream to an area that’s slightly shallower but with abundant bank side vegetation.  There are some pretty serious tree roots, but also some pretty serious barbel.  Using the tried and trusted super-glued elips pellet I managed to winkle out a barbel of around 7lb.

2014-10-27 Dove barbel

All then went quiet so I had a mooch around at other potential swims.  With no further indication of fish I decided to try another area completely – so packed up the car and drove up to the railway bridge.  With still enough time for a rove around I found a nice looking swim where I could cast just downstream to my left, near to the bank and slightly obscured by reeds.  I didn’t have long to wait before my rod tip started jigging, then was pulled round and the ‘pin screamed off.  The fish pulled hard and I was convinced I was into a decent barbel, initially at least.  Then it just seemed to give up (most un-barbel-like), and it almost glided in towards the net – a chub.  On first view I couldn’t quite believe the size of it and I was pretty sure it was my biggest to date.  It weighed 6lb 3oz I delighted to say.  Such a deep-bodied, beautiful fish!

2014-10-27 chub v1 2014-10-27 6-3

More to follow……..


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