Update – 1st August 2013

So much for my weekly update…..

During the intervening month we’ve moved house to another semi in Manchester; not massively far from from the old one.

However, before that took place I managed to grab a couple of days on the River Dove and fished mainly around the Marsden Lane area.  What a beautiful river it is!  

I broke my duck on the river just before dusk on the Friday; I’d just thrown a few free offering around my hookbait and missed a tentative pull.  Having re-baited I cast to the same spot and was rewarded with a pretty little fish of around 5lb.  This was upstream of the bridge so I really didn’t know what to expect.

Fishing a swim just below the weir I lost what felt like an almost certain PB (my current best is 13lb).  I cast just under some branches and had a tremendous take using superglued pellets on a coated braid hooklength.  The fish took off like a train; firstly out into the open river, then is changed direction completely and headed towards the sunken branches.  To keep in out of trouble I had to put some heavy pressure on – suddenly it was gone!  I reeled in to discover my forged hook had been straightened.  Gutted, and one I’ll go back for some time in the autumn.

The very same evening, having walked a large part of the upstream end of the BMAA stretch, I revisited the swim.  Fishing the same spot my bait was picked up by a lovely golden-flanked barbel of over 8lb.  It put up a good fight, but also made me realise what I’d lost earlier in the day.

I left the Dove early Sunday morning and drove up to Manchester.  Billy had been in touch via Facebook so I met him in the ‘cheap seats’ just downstream from Pear Mill on the Goyt.  To cut a long story short (though I’ll elaborate later) I lost yet another fish to a hook pull, at around dawn.


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