Weekly Update – 23rd June 2013

Well, we’re already a week into the season and I’ve had only a couple of sessions; a short evening on the Goyt, plus a full day on the Dove.  With only a couple of chub (albeit around the 3lb mark), and two lost barbel, I’m looking forward to my second Dove trip at the end of the week.  I hope the expected rain will have a positive effect.  My good friend, Jerry Gleeson, may well be tagging along too.

There have been a couple of fish out of the Goyt recently with a fish apiece for Mr C and Sam Steels.  Nothing huge but enough to keep up their interest, and the promise of bigger prizes to come.

Angie and Lily are off to a Chorlton Gardens event today.  Shame about the weather! On the other hand, if the rain forces them home I may well get a couple of hours on the bank.

Edit:  The promised rain didn’t materialise so I’m bloody well stuck at home.  My next session will have to wait now until Friday.  Bugger!


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